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Learn Website Design and Development, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing in Nsukka

First, some important questions:

If you answered yes to all these questions, then this training is for you. We are looking for serious-minded persons who are ready to learn life-changing digital skills and start a profitable career.

Learn how to build websites and web apps from scratch using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SQL and PHP.

Website developers are in high demand worldwide. Businesses and organizations are looking for skilled developers who can build custom websites and applications for various uses.

Learning how to develop hand-coded websites and applications means you can work in a wide range of industries. You can start your own website development business or find a good-paying job as a website developer.

What you'll learn in the website development (coding) class:

At the end of the website development course, you would have built and hosted two websites online:

1. A hand-coded personal/portfolio website

2. Responsive web app with client dashboard and payment integration

Bonus courses:

  • Introduction to WordPress website development
  • Introduction to no-code development and why it’s important

Main tools for this course:
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SQL, PhP, XamPP

Which course should I choose?

If you don’t already have a course in mind, it can be hard to choose what to learn. That’s why we’ve developed some guidelines to help you:

  • Choose website development (coding) if you want to learn how to build websites from scratch. Coding is great for you if you like doing highly technical activities and want to build a career in software development.
  • Choose graphic design if you like design and want to learn how to create flyers, logos, brochures, billboard designs, banners and more. Our graphic design course is perfect for anyone who is trying out digital design for the first time.
  • Choose digital marketing if you like marketing and content creation. If you want to learn how to run adverts online and get customers, then this is your course.

Here's what our past students had to say

"I may not be able to totally express the impact of this training in words because it's beyond imagination. The tutors were professionals, with refined, up-to-date information in their respective fields. What I enjoyed most was how they cheerfully and passionately taught the classes. Being part of this training organized by Netacles Academy has impacted my life so much; I'm greater, smarter, more knowledgeable, and stronger than I came."
"What I enjoyed most about the training was the way the classes were conducted - it was indeed very wonderful. The tutors were dedicated, competent, and were ever ready to guide us. I can't forget the Video lecture we had - wow, it was indeed another experience altogether! Netacles Digital has opened my eyes to things I never knew existed in the world of digital marketing. Gracias!"

What you'll need for the classes

No matter the course you choose, you’ll need these three tools:

  • Laptop (at least 2GB RAM) — (here’s how to check your RAM size for a PC and on a Mac)
  • Smartphone (with at least 500MB of free space to install and work with the apps you need)
  • Internet access (you will need data to practice what you learn and participate in online classes/discussions)

What's the timetable?

All courses in the batch will start Wednesday, April 12, 2023 and end June 30, 2023. Please note that all courses will last a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks.  

You’ll have two classes per week: one physical class and one online class. You will be added to a private student group where links, resources and discussion materials will be shared with you.

Why hybrid classes (physical + online)?

Remote work is the new normal. And most of the real-life projects you will work on will be delivered/managed remotely. We’ve added physical classes because based on our past experience, students greatly benefit from interacting with their tutors and fellow learners in class.

Plus, you’ll also get direct help with setting up your smartphones and laptops the right way in case you encounter any challenges.  Our goal is to help you master how to work online and offline, so you can quickly adapt to any work environment.

You will receive the same quality of training whether you’re working in the class or online.

Timetable for onsite (physical) classes
10 AM – 1 PM
2 – 5 PM
Graphic Design
Digital Marketing
Website Development (Coding)
Timetable for online classes*
10 AM – 12 PM
12 – 2 PM
2 – 4 PM
Graphic Design
Web Development
Digital Marketing
UI/UX Design

*Online class times may be flexible, depending on the arrangement with the tutor.

Ready to join?

Grab this amazing opportunity today! Limited spaces available for each class.

Wondering why you should train with us?

Here are 6 solid reasons:

1. You'll learn from expert tutors

You will learn from people who do this stuff everyday, for real clients, not just people who have head knowledge.

2. Our training is well-structured and thorough

All our courses are thoroughly planned, from day one to the last day. Your tutors will show up for every class, answer your questions and provide clear instructions. You will do exercises every week to help you cement your knowledge.

3. You will work on practical projects

At the end of your training, you would have completed one major project that you will be proud to include in your portfolio. The project will be thoroughly supervised so that you can sharpen and improve your skills.

4. You will get massive value

We will provide you with a lot of free resources and guides to help you succeed in the real world. Learning a skill is one thing. Learning how to make money with that skill is another thing and we show you exactly how you can do this.

5. You'll receive post-training support

Once your training starts, you’ll be added to a private student group where you can continue to ask questions and get feedback as you prospect for jobs or establish your own business.

6. You'll get a certificate

We’ll provide certificates and recommendation letters (when requested) to students who complete their assignments and projects.

Ready to join?

Grab this amazing opportunity today! Limited spaces available for each class.

How much does it cost?

Learning a digital skill is a lifetime investment because the skill will continue to help you long after you’ve completed the training.

Here’s what you’ll be getting with all our courses:

  • 8 – 12 weeks of valuable in-person + online training (N100,000 in value)
  • Personalised feedback on assignments and projects
  • Access to free and premium resources 
  • Resume, Upwork, LinkedIn profile or portfolio review for students who complete ALL their assignments and projects
  • Post-training support 
  • Certificate of completion plus reference letter when requested (*terms and conditions apply)

Total value: N150,000

But guess what?

To celebrate the launch our new training centre, we’re offering a massive discount to the first batch of students who will be trained in the new centre. 

So, if you enroll in this first cohort, you will get a whopping 67% discount. This means: 

If you pay once, you'll only pay:


Per Course
If you pay in two installments, you'll pay:


Per Course
You will be getting massive value for the price you pay.

If you are still wondering if this is a good offer for you, here’s what you should keep in mind: The average cost of one website design, digital marketing or complete branding project is N50,000 – N100,000.

You would make back the course fee + profit in your first two jobs!

That’s in addition to the life-changing skills you’ll learn. 

Plus, there are mouth-watering bonuses and prizes to be won

#Bonus 1: Free Digital Skills Foundation Course

All courses include a free digital skills foundation course that teaches the basic but highly important skills such as how to communicate properly via email, how to set up your LinkedIn profile the right way, how to pitch for jobs online and more.

#Bonus 2: Internship

The best-performing student in each class will get a chance to work with us on real-life projects for three months.

#Bonus 3: Lifetime access to all training videos, resources and support groups

You’ll get access to all training videos, resources and student groups long after the training has ended. This means you can continue to ask questions and get support when you start implementing what you’ve learned. 

What are you waiting for?

Grab this amazing opportunity today! Limited spaces available for each class.

Meet the Netacles Academy Founder

Hi, I am Chidinma, the founder of Netacles Digital, a website design and online marketing company. My team and I run the Netacles Digital Academy, a digital skills training centre where we teach vital digital skills to anyone who’s interested in leveling up their skills and making a decent income.

I understand that you may have concerns or fears about enrolling for this program. I want to reassure you that you are in safe hands.

Here’s a bit of my story:

  • As a student, I won a 24-hour reading competition organized by a law student at the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus. The prize was N100K and that’s how I bought my first android phone. I took my very first courses on digital marketing on that phone.
  • In 2012, I came 3rd place in an online writing competition. The prize was money to buy and set up a WordPress website. That’s how I built my first ever website.
  • In 2015, I won the ICAN essay writing competition. That prize was a laptop and an all-expense paid trip to the ICAN conference. That’s how I got my first laptop.
  • I studied Food Science & Technology at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and graduated top of my class in the university. But I have always loved to write and I was also passionate about technology. So, when I completed my degree, I started a freelance writing business. The first company I wrote for was a company that specialized in blockchain for food business (see the connection?). A few months later, I also started Netacles Digital.
  • Today I work full-time as a B2B content writer and website designer. I have written for companies like Square, Inc and IBM through their marketing agencies. And my team and I currently manage a number of exciting website design projects.

The biggest thing for me is the freedom my skills afford me. I can work from anywhere in the world, on my own terms and do the work I truly enjoy.

I share these stories to tell you that I understand the struggle. I made lots of mistakes when I first started and had to learn some things the hard way. This training is what I wish I had when I was starting out.

We'd love to help you!

If you’re ready to learn a life-changing digital skill, then I encourage you to get in now. I work with a brilliant team that’s ready to help you learn the skills you need to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The training for each course lasts a minimum of 10 and maximum of 12 weeks. That is about 3 months. You will receive intensive training for 8 – 10 weeks and then work on your final project in the last two weeks.

You will have two classes per week: one onsite (physical) and one online class. You will also have discussions with your fellow learners and your tutor in the private student group. Please see the timetable for more more details.

The venue is Iheakpu Awka Plaza, Nsukka, opposite St. Theresa’s College, Nsukka.  Our office is the white-painted apartment on the topmost floor. We have a bold signpost that reads “Digital Skills Hub”.

If you need any help with the direction, please call 08109212146 or send a message to the number on WhatsApp. We’d be happy to assist you.

Yes. You can pay in two installments, but you will pay more.

You can pay 30K twice. That’s 60K. If you pay once, you only pay 50K.

Please note that if you do not complete your payment, you will not be allowed to participate in rest of the classes or in the project. You will also be removed from all groups and not receive a certificate.

Have more questions? Need more clarification?

Call or chat with us on WhatsApp on 08109212146. We would be happy to address all your questions. You can also send us an email at

More reviews from our past students

"The thing I enjoyed most wasn't just the knowledgeable classes - the teacher-student relationship was dope. The way and manner we were tutored was just legendary! A lot was covered, delivered in concise details, which made it easy to absorb. The structure was well tailored, clear and very effective. Netacles Digital had obviously thought about it long enough, with a lot of expertise alongside."
"I used to think that knowledge is power but now I know that real power lies in having the right knowledge, not just in having any knowledge. We weren’t just taught digital marketing, we were also taught how to grow above mediocrity and aim for the stars."
"It has been a wonderful experience being a trainee at Netacles Digital Academy. I can only give one piece of advice to the new and upcoming trainees: Make the most out of this experience!"
"Having acquired this life-changing skills at Netacles Digital, I am now intellectually fit to bear the title: ‘Computer Scientist.’"

Ready for a life-changing learning experience?

Grab this amazing opportunity today! Limited spaces available for each class.


  • This training is for serious people only. If you believe in get-rich-quick schemes or making money without working, then this training is not for you. But if you are willing to learn a skill thoroughly and use that skill to offer legitimate services to real people/businesses who will pay you well, then this is for you.
  • Only students who complete their assignments and projects will receive a certificate and recommendations for job applications. We cannot endorse your skills if you DO NOT complete your assignments and projects. This is because the course is practical and you only learn if you DO THE WORK. So, if you don’t do the work, you won’t learn. It’s as simple as that.
  • If you do not pay the balance before the due date, you’ll be immediately removed from the private student groups and access to all learning materials will be revoked.
  • You must make payment to secure your spot. No payment = No spot.

How to register

Step 1: Fill the form to provide your information. We’ll contact you via WhatsApp or email to confirm the information you’ve provided.

Step 2: Make payment to secure your spot and confirm your registration. You must make either an initial payment of 30K or upfront payment of 50K to complete your registration. 

Step 3: After you make payment, you’ll be added to a private student group where you can get all the information you need to start preparing for your classes. 

If you have questions at any point, feel free to email, call or chat with us on WhatsApp.

How to pay

Pay by bank transfer to

Netacles Digital
United Bank for Africa

Send your receipt via WhatsApp to +2348109212146 or email  to

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